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We strive for a world with fair and equitable society by ensuring that the opinions of every member of society is equally reflected in policies. 



We enable youth to reflect their opinions on government and international frameworks by establishing, managing, and improving a democratic self-governing system that collect and coordinate the voices of youth.


JYPS is a platform for advocacy. These are the three main focuses:

  1. Participating in international conferences, United Nations conferences, other conferences that establishes global frameworks and their preparation assemblies 

  2. Creating policy documents and policy recommendations based on the opinions from youth organizations and individuals through surveys and coordinations

  3. Broadly appealing the policy proposals, gathering strong support and organizing campaigns that get people involved

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International・United Nations Conferences


​International and United Nation Conferences are a place for "decision making". Member states including the Japanese government discuss about issues of various themes such as climate change, desertification and urban development. In doing so, the governments of each member state create an international agreement on the solution of these issues. 

As an example of an International Conference, there is the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). CSW is a  intergovernmental organization within the United Nations that was created to advance gender equality and female empowerment. Each year, the outcomes are negotiated between countries and the conclusions include analysis of priorities and specific policy proposals to governments, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations and other institutions. Based on that, each actors implement the recommended policies at the national, regional and local levels. 

Moreover, at the third United Nations Disaster Prevention World Conference that took place in Sendai in 2015, "The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction", a global disaster prevention strategy that will be implemented over the next 10 years, has been adopted. Based on this, each country will promote disaster prevention measures, and will report the implementation status and propose suggestions for improvement at the Global Platform for DRR, which is held once every two years. 


In such intergovernmental negotiations, if governments are the only ones negotiating, meaningful changes in the society would not be accomplished. ​For example, regarding gender, we can make policies more inclusive and effective by taking into account the voices of girls and women and NGOs working for them. Therefore, it is difficult for a more inclusive policy to come to fruition if the general public are urged to work on based on what the government has promised and what the UN has decided. 

JYPS is active both on a global and national level. We share key issues with each countries negotiators and stakeholders to arrive at a better agreement at the UN and the international levels.  We are also working to reflect important issues in policies as a "priority task" that should be addressed in the early stages. On the national level, we are working to ensure that the policies that reflect the policy recommendation are implemented sufficiently and if not, we take action to make them happen. 

International・United Nations Conferences


 The crucial role of advocacy is to broadly appeal the policy proposals, gain strong support and create campaign activities that gets a lot of people involved.  

JYPS conducts campaigns that get Japanese youth involved in order to collect as many voices and opinions from these youth. 

Through activities such as writing blogs, posting on social media and hosting events, JYPS delivers

  • The need to improve the public recognition of SDGs and taking actions towards a sustainable society

  • How much youth contribute and take on important roles regarding international goals

  • How we as a Japanese youth participate in international conferences and take part in those policy processes 

​Please follow the official JYPS social media pages to receive the latest updates on our activities! The blogs feature the activity reports of the past international conferences that we have attended and the events that we hosted! Please go check them out! 

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