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3 Pillars of Advocacy

To bring about effective and positive change in our society, our advocacy consists of three pillars:



We deliver the voices of the youth at domestic and international conferences hosted by the United Nations and its partner organisations.



We collect the voices of youths to make policy suggestions and deliver them to actors around the world.



We host events for participants to discuss and clarify their interests in the SDGs.

Organizational Structure

JYPS has adopted an inclusive and democratic structure to enable the participation of diverse youth organizations with different activity themes, sizes, and regions, and has established a platform based on the principle of ensuring representation and democracy.
Simultaneously, JYPS is also devising ways to maximize the use of its knowledge of each field in policy advocacy.


JYPS Secretariat

List of Activities and Achievements

We have organized/participated in various events, both in and outside of Japan. You can click this             to view our recent publications and policy proposals. 

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High-Level Political Forum

The High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), held every summer at the United Nations Headquarters, is a meeting to assess the progress and challenges of implementing the SDGs in United Nations member states around the world, and to set goals. Starting from this meeting with ministerial level participation, all sectors including civil society, youth, and academia will participate from their respective regions. From the establishment of JYPS until 2019, we have been sending representatives to attend HLPF in-person every year.

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Youth Forum

The ECOSOC Youth Forum is one of the most active forums for youths to exchange ideas for the HLPF. JYPS is involved in awareness raising, networking, and preparation of the ECOSOC Youth Forum outcome document through organising side events and publishing statements. The outcome document will be fed into the national agenda at the ECOSOC plenary session, hence it can influence and promote change beyond countries.

In 2018, five secretariats from JYPS attended the Forum at United Nations Headquarters in New York. We hosted a side event and also attended the main sessions.

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North East Asia Multi-stakeholder Forum

This is a sub-regional forum where five countries in Northeast Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia, and Russia) review the progress of the SDGs in preparation for the summer HLPF. In 2022, we were dispatched to Mongolia to give a speech at the multi-stakeholder forum.

In addition, each year, youth independently evaluate their own country's progress in achieving the SDGs and share this with participants from Northeast Asian countries. There are three forums: the Youth Forum, the Civil Society Forum, and the Multi-Stakeholder Forum, each of which will create a statement and absorb them in that order.

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