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About JYPS

Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability : JYPS

JYPS is a "platform" where the voices of Japanese youths are consolidated and delivered as policies to the Japanese government, the United Nations, and civil society for discussion to create the Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 adopted by the United Nations in 2015 and other international frameworks. Our goal is to realize the voices of young people from diverse backgrounds and thus transform society.  


We strive for a world with fair and equitable society by ensuring that the opinions of every member of society is equally reflected in policies.


We enable youth to reflect their opinions on government and international frameworks by establishing, managing, and improving a democratic self-governing system that collect and coordinate the voices of youth.

Toward Realising

Sustainable Society


SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) consists of 17 goals and 169 targets which are required to realize a sustainable society.

They were adopted in the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, and the deadline is set to the year 2030.

SDGs carries the legacy and lessons from MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), which underwent three years of governmental negotiations and amendment.

The SDGs aims to hand over a sustainable society for the future generations by calling for collaborative efforts between stakeholders in all regions and countries, on three key areas: society, environment, and economy.

Our Departments

Co-Secretary Generals

Overall Administrators & Meeting Supervisors Co-Secretary Generals are responsible for leading and overseeing the activities of JYPS in cooperation with the various departments within the JYPS Secretariat. In addition, as a representative of JYPS, Co-Secretary Generals hand-deliver policy proposals and deliver speeches.

Department of Policy Proposals

Policy Coordination and Advocacy This department creates policy proposals that encompass the ideas and beliefs of the youth. For this purpose, the department organizes events to gather voices, document them, and hand-deliver them in accordance with the appropriate process and timing for reflecting opinions.

Department of Public Relations

Campaign Activities This department conducts public relations activities to accompany young people in the process of sharing their opinions on policies and social issues, including JYPS-wide initiatives, through various social networking services.

Department of General Affairs

Activity reporting & Internal Strategies This department is responsible for the foundational procedures that enable the JYPS Secretariat to continue its activities. It manages activity funds, data processes, and prepares reports.

Current Members

(2024/06/01 現在)



We are looking for people to work with!

Recruitment is currently open from June 10th to June 23rd!

 JYPS comprises of three departments, which are: Department of Policy Proposals, Department of Public Relations, and Department of General Affairs.

You are eligible to apply to become a member of JYPS if you are the age of 30 or below*, and are willing to work towards establishing a sustainable society.

We look forward to working with you all!

* As the United Nations defines 'youth' as those of the age of 30 or below

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