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Become our Affiliate Member!

JYPS gathers the voices of diverse youth through a network of affiliate member individuals/organizations.

Whether you became interested in JYPS after reading our website,

are interested in the United Nations or international politics,

are already a member of a youth advocacy organization,

want to take some steps working toward the SDGs,

or are motivated to share your opinions as a youth,

we look forward to welcoming you as our affiliate. 
Once registered, you will be added to the mailing list from JYPS.

3 Benefits of Joining Us! ​

In youth policy advocacy, it is important to acquire and disseminate information quickly, without missing out.
If you become a member of a JYPS affiliate, you will be the first to gain vast information through e-mail.

Get Notified on Event Info 

You will be notified early when we hold events, as well as other events held by our affiliated organizations.


Participate Early in Our Events and Policy Creations

You can be heavily involved in policy proposals from the early stages by sharing your thoughts and opinions.


Gain Access to Our Activities

You can see behind the scenes of our activities through the Monthly Newsletters.

Become a JYPS Secretariat


We update our latest activities on our social media accounts! 

Please check it out. 

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