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​Advocacy and Opinion Coordination Process

What is Advocacy?
Advocacy is bringing change to a society by creating one big projective voice out of weak and disparate voices that both come from people who are equal to us and are not heard and realizing it by working it into the government and such related organizations, UN agencies, etc. in the form of policies. 
"Content of our voices" that cannot be seen by voting under representative democracy are brought together through discussions, opinion exchange meetings, questionnaires, etc., and the agreements are delivered as one voice. Through campaigns, events and article postings, we would like to attract the attention of the public as well as the voices of young people.
Examples of opinion coordination process for policy proposals:
①Collecting opinions 

■We will gather opinions from each group and individual through the following methods:
・position paper (mainly for organizations)
・online survey 
■As each organization creates a position paper, we are planning on creating and distributing a handbook summarizing the idea of its method. A position paper is the statement of an opinion as an organization 


The voices gathered through the above methods will be drafted into a single document to create a position paper for the Japanese youth.


 Everyone can participate in this process, and the voices of organizations and individuals are treated equally.

③Absolute opposition and adoption

After confirming whether there is a red flag (absolute opposition) or not, the draft will be finally adopted as a consensus.


If even one absolute opposition remains, the part in question will be either deleted or left as it is, as this is not a mechanism determined by the majority. 

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