Mechanism and Governance

・JYPS has adopted an open and democratic system in which a variety of youth organizations with different themes, sizes and regions can participate, and has organized a platform based on the principle of representation and democracy. At the same time, we are working to make the most of the professional knowledge of each field in policy proposals.


"Plenary Session" =


 Where all member organizations can participate and make decisions. A general meeting is held once a year to determine the budget, appoint the steering committee and other positions. Regular online meetings are held to discuss necessary decisions and new initiatives.

“Director” =


 The elected position held responsible by the organization, monitors and supervises the Secretariat, and ensures accountability and transparency.

・“Secretariat” =


Operates JYPS and implement decisions from the plenary session. Led by the secretary general, it consists of the heads from each department and the New York Branch.

Audit =

Monitor budget execution and spending reports.

​"Field Specialism" =


Youth organizations with expertise in each specific field are selected. From each point of view, we will provide advice for implementing specialized policy recommendations.


"JYPS Association" =

Composed mainly of those who have experience in the secretariat, and provides the corporate function according to the decisions of the plenary session, the board of directors, and the secretariat in order for  JYPS to work smoothly. The association does not operate on its own, but functions according to the general rules of JYPS.



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